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Car Accident

​A little over a year ago, I was in a car accident. As a result of the car accident and a surgery I’d had just prior, I was having persistent anxiety, as well as pain in my neck and upper back. I began seeing Janine for acupuncture treatments and was astounded at the progress I made in a short amount of time. Janine Margewicz is a phenomenal acupuncturist! Her treatments helped ease my anxiety and she was able to, over time, minimize the pain as well. I have recommended Janine to several family and friends who have also had exceptional experiences with her, including my mother who saw Janine for help in quitting smoking. Janine has a wonderful personality and great rapport with her patients. She shares her knowledge generously and is genuinely concerned with her patient’s well-being. I highly recommend Janine Margewicz for all of your acupuncture needs!
Melissa A.

Stress and Neck Pain

​Janine Margewicz is an exceptional acupuncture physician. I recommend her frequently to friends, family, and colleagues. I have called her with barely a range of motion in my neck, back, and arm and in severe discomfort. She was at my side within an hour, and within 10 seconds of inserting her needles, asked me to lift my arm where I was comfortable. To my disbelief my arm effortlessly lifted over my head.  She had restored my full range of motion and my discomfort was gone. Before she parted, she even wrapped my neck with a scarf to keep the area warm and recommended teas for me to drink. Janine treats her patients as the whole human being, not just the ailment. She cares about her patients and their healing. Because of Janine I am a staunch believer in the healing powers of acupuncture. She has provided the remedy to any and all discomforts I have presented to her, and in doing this has made me turn to acupuncture for a healthy lifestyle. I've told her before, but will use this to tell her again: Thank You for your healing hands; you've got a gift.     
Carrie C.

Fertility Treatment

Two years and two months into my journey with my hormone imbalance, I found Janine through my chiropractor. I had a consult and decided to start acupuncture once a week as a last resort before starting fertility drugs. You also should know that I hate needles! But I was willing to try anything if it meant getting my body back in balance. I was a little jumpy at first (well actually every time) but it was in anticipation of needles hurting, but they rarely ever did. Once the needles were in I had the most relaxing nap for the remaining of the session! It also helped with bloating and slow digestion (symptoms of low thyroid). Janine also gave me instructions on foods that I should include and foods that I should avoid based on what my body needed. I found it fascinating! I was always cold and she explained to me why that was and why I needed warming food and drink. I also started taking herbs that she recommended every day. After about 4 months I started to wonder if it was doing anything. But I felt much better and I just knew I needed to keep going. December came a long and I started talking to my husband that maybe another month or two and we would think about meds. Then at Christmas time, I got my period! Over two and a half years of no period, and here it was! I literally started jumping up and down in the bathroom stall when I found out. I was curious if it would happen again in one month or be irregular again. I didn't end up getting it the next month because instead I became pregnant! I am now over 3 months into pregnancy and I still can't believe it. I believe God allowed this to be a part of my story because he knows how much natural health means to me. I am so thankful He led me to Janine. She has been more than just a medical professional to me. She always answered all my questions when I texted her throughout the week, and I asked a lot of questions. This is more than just her business, it's her passion to help people.  

Melissa S.